Friday 13\'th

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Admin Meeting 18.01.2018.

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:43 pm
Today we discussed few things.
We made test on everything Smile
F13'Anoying is test profile created by WhiteDeath
We use this profile to test everything to see if forum is ready to use.
So forum passed almost all tests.
This clan is now up and is accepting new people who want to have some fun on this old game.
About me i dont play this game anymore im here to help if you guys need anything.
Ill be leaving now if white dont make speacial group for me with name ''Helpers'' or ''Assistance'' or whatever Smile
Promotions and demotions we dont have this time since noone really joined us so...
Thats all enjoy.

Users active on meeting:F13'WhiteDeath,F13'Miss.Desiree
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